a multifaceted session . part 1

love + family . part one

A few months ago I had a request for a very heartfelt photo session.  María has been an au pair for some family friends of ours for the past two years.  She so kindly wanted to gift a session to her family to document some memories that would be indicative of the bonds they’ve formed.  The session gradually morphed into several sort of petite sessions including a couple’s session as she and her American boyfriend desired a bit of time alone in front of the camera.  After having spent the past several weeks social distancing I was beyond excited to be back behind my camera with subjects other than my own family.  It was such a wonderful start to getting back into the swing of things and man it felt good!  I didn’t realize just how much I had missed it!  Our evening couldn’t have been better as it was quintessential Colorado Springs with a quick rain followed by moody skies that turned to beautiful golden light as the sun began to set.  I know that these two are committed to each other as it was quite evident that they are pretty smitten with one another even after just a handful of months together.  I can only hope that I did their love story justice with their gallery.


Here are a few of my favorite images of M + J…

sunset couple


I always love to capture details of priceless personal details such a meaningful jewelry or tattoos.

connection in photographs


I can’t wait to share part two of this session in the coming days.  It involved lots of little hands, joyful smiles, and a hesitant little boy who was initially unimpressed with having his picture taken.  I dare say that I was the victorious one in that battle.  His true personality eventually shined and stole the show as you’ll see in my next post.

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